Movies & Television

I have been honored to work with Paramount Pictures, A+E/History Channel, Sony Pictures and others on projects that were not only fun, but some, full of meaning and purpose.

Below you will find a couple examples of projects I worked on (click to see more) as well as a list of projects to the right.

Some Projects Worked On:

Selma (Paramount)
Concussion (Columbia)
Roots (History)
Fences (Paramount)
9-11 Commemorative (History)
The 44th President: In His Own Words (History)
Flint (Lifetime)
Warfighters (History)
Hot Tub Time Machine (Paramount)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Paramount)
Mission Impossible Rogue (Paramount)
Monster Trucks (Paramount)
Staten Island Summer (Paramount)

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